Community Service

Volunteering plays a critical role in empowering individuals, in fostering active citizenship and in building inclusive and resilient communities in which we can all flourish. We know that volunteering has many benefits for individuals who volunteer, the organizations to which they contribute and society as a whole. Volunteering:

– Supports individuals’ empowerment, by providing them with an influential role in the community

– Provides a skilled and ready workforce to support the valuable work of not-for-profit organisations

– Ensures the ongoing delivery of a range of important services in our community

– Improves volunteers’ health, wellbeing and emotional resilience

– Helps build a sense of satisfaction, pride, purpose and accomplishment

– Provides a positive impact on the lives of others

– Helps develop new skills, and expands volunteers’ life and work experience, especially when formal work and education opportunities might be limited

– Helps build social networks, connectedness and community resilience

– The many positive outcomes of volunteering mean that volunteering truly:

– Is social inclusion in action

– Is community development one person at a time

– Has the power to transform lives

– Has the power to transform communities.

Source: Volunteering Victoria