Listing Services



Our listings are featured on,,,, and hundreds of additional sites. These websites along with our direct marketing campaigns, innovative use of social media and good old fashion hard work give us the unique ability to promote your home to a world-wide audience and get your house sold!


Professional Photography

Any agent can get pictures taken of a house, but are those pictures the type of high quality photography that will capture your home in the best way possible? Take a look at the difference between our high end photography and other photographers.


3D Marketing

We have partnered with Matterport to provide our clients with a 3D tour of the home. We post these tours to several multimedia facets to garner the most attention for the home.

Click on the 3D images to take an actual tour through these homes!

9505 NE 92nd St. Kansas City, MO 64157

1616 SW Summit Hill Ct. Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

11119 N Skiles Ave. Kansas City, MO 64157

Create targeted marketing materials aimed directly at potential buyers

  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Post Cards
  •   Paid Facebook/ Social Media Ads


Extended Market Reach

The Solomon Real Estate Group has access to the Keller Williams Listing System, or KWLS. This proprietary, exclusive system ensures your property is marketed online 24/7 through more than 350 of the most popular search Websites.


          Below are just a few: